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Honesty and integrity are our Hallmark.

Associated Gemological Services team of appraisers have a high level of commitment to their field and to each appraisal they perform. We are graduate gemologists, from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America. In addition we maintain membership in a professional appraisal association and continue our education in appraisal and gemological sciences recertifying annually through our affiliation with AGS.

Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success.

With more than 25 years of jewelry appraisal experience and industry exposure, we remain focused on accomodating both the consumer and the jeweler, ensuring accuracy consistency and professionalism. We have spent years networking with many industry leaders groups and trade Associations to develop Associated Gemological Services a unique jewelry appraisal and brokerage firm dedicated to excellence, ethics and professionalism

We maintain a fully equipped gemological lab at our offices in downtown Honolulu. Our unique concept of while-you-watch appraising offers our customers the opportunity to learn and participate in the appraisal procedure providing the comfort of knowing that their jewelry never leaves their sight. The combination of quality and personal service keeps our customers returning as well as referring others. Our customers can feel confident that Associated Gemological Services goal is to protect the Jewelry buying public as well as the honest reputable jeweler.

Our customers vary, but share a common need for professional, timely and accurate jewelry appraisals.

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